Who owns Clture?

Clture is a Streamlytics product. You can learn more about Streamlytics on our corporate website at www.streamlytics.co.

How does Clture work?

Clture allows you to upload or connect any account you have (data sources) to your Clture account and get paid for your data. After you have your data in your possession you can upload it to Clture. Clture accepts CSV, JSON, HTML, and PDF file types. In some cases where we are able to connect to a service via API you can simply login to your account and allow access to your account activity.

When you create an account on Clture, or any Streamlytics data monetization product, you sign a data license that says you own your data (not us) and that we would like to pay you for it. After signing the Data License electronically it’s stored in your Account Settings and available to you. Clture is the only service that does this for consumer data.

Once your files are uploaded they go through processing, verification, and valuation. We use the Universal Data Interchange Format to standardize your data. We create a new dataset from all your data in one file (a .udif file) and as you upload data or connect services that file continually gets updated. 

Once your data is processed we pay you upfront for your data not when it is sold. We determine the value of your data using a proprietary algorithm from OpenDataMarket.org.

Does Clture access data on my phone?

No. Clture does not access data on your local device. While going through the data request and upload process is cumbersome we do not believe in stealing data from people who may not be aware that that is occurring. It’s also why we are actively involved in changing the law so that everyday people have access to their data from other services easier. They also need to have the ability to transfer their data electronically, so that you don’t have to upload it manually like you do now. If you’d like to learn more about this or our advocacy work you can visit www.GotMyData.com.

How do I get my data from other places?

To get your data from other services you have to go through the long and manual process of either locating your data in your account, or completing a formal data request. Since most of us have a lot of different services on a daily basis this can take a lot of time and effort to do however we do recommend that you go through this process.

You can learn more about how to get your data here:

Why can’t I just connect my accounts easier versus having to upload data files?

Right now, most big technology companies make a lot of money from your data. It’s in their best interest to continue to do that so making it easy for you to access your data and move it over to other, potentially competing companies, doesn’t make sense for them. This is why we need a federal data privacy law that states that you should have access to your data and the ability to move it to any service of your choosing (data portability). You can learn more about our advocacy work to change this on www.GotMyData.com.

Why can’t I connect my social media accounts? 

Right now we’ve made the decision to hold off on letting you connect your social media accounts. While we can transfer data over easier from those accounts we do not want people to confuse Clture for a social media analytics application. Our mission is to help empower everyday people to get access to their data so they can do what they please with it including making money from it if they so choose. We’d like for everyday people to understand the power of their global data footprint now just what they are sharing on social media.

How do I upload my data from my phone?

This YouTube video might be helpful in helping you upload your data: https://youtu.be/KNalEMsVkKc

Do you verify if my data is real?

When you upload your data we programmatically check it for verification. It also goes through a step of human verification. If we notice inconsistencies your account may be flagged for fraud.

How do you value my data?

We value your data using a proprietary algorithm that we developed. The algorithm looks at various things like public company stock performance, market capitalization, and more to determine a value for your data at the data point level. We call this Datapoint Valuation (DPV). Your DPV is determined by analyzing the files that you upload. Currently we store the algorithm on OpenDataMarket.org. While we’d like to make the algorithm and its mechanics publicly available we are going through the patent process and need to keep it private. In the future we would like to open OpenDataMarket.org up to the public and app developers so that everyone has a foundation for how to value their data.

When my data is sold do the buyers know my personal information?

When you upload your data we pay you up front for it at the market value and add a balance to your Clture account. Your data is then stripped of your personal identifying information and add to an API where Streamlytics customers can have ethical access to data to make better business decisions. 

We do not use tracking pixels or share tracking pixels so that your online activity can be tracked without you knowing it. Our goal is that people are making money off your data and you should be paid for it.

Do I have access to block my data from being sold to specific companies or organizations?

Right now we do not have this capability. The concept of owning your data and consumers having control over it is very new. We hope that with the success of Clture and our other products we will be able to provide the ability to turn access on and off. Currently, since you have to upload your data manually, your data streams are not real time and decrease in value over time. Our system is purged of stale data regularly.

How do you process and store my data?

Your data is processed and stored using the Universal Data Interchange Format (UDIF). You can learn more about it at www.udif.org

Unfortunately UDIF is going through the patent process so we cannot share more about the mechanics of it.

How long does it take for a balance to be applied to my account?

A provisional balance will be applied to your account immediately after you upload data. Your balance your data has been fully reviewed in the hours following your upload. The best way to follow the status of your data is to look at the 'Upload History' portion of your Clture dashboard. As each upload goes through processing, it will go through changes such as "processing", "in review", and "done processing". If you are having an issue with your data's processing or account balance please email support@clture.io.

How often do I get paid?

After your initial payout, you can request a payout whenever you meet the following conditions:
1) Hold a balance of $100 or more.
2) At least one month since your last payout.

When can I initiate a payout?

Once your account has been active for 90 days and has a balance of at least $100 you may initiate a payout. Following this, you may request a payout anytime you meet the requirements of the previous section.

Why is my payout so low?

Your data has millions of data points and is most valuable in aggregate. Most companies who pay you for your data will do micro transfers of $1 or less to your account. We don't think this makes sense for everyday people and does not improve your standard of living. That's why Clture allows your balance to accumulate and so that you can make a more meaningful balance transfer. 

Do I provide you with my banking information?

We do not require your sensitive banking information upfront to get started with Clture. To respect your privacy we only ask for your banking information when it’s time to do a payout.

Where can I find a copy of my Data License?

You can find a copy of your Data License in your account settings.

How do I delete my data?

You can wipe Clture of any data that you’ve uploaded or connected by using the ‘Delete My Data’ button found in your account settings.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by using the ‘Delete My Account’ button found in your account settings.

Still have questions? Email us at support@clture.io

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